To me music is just another way to dissect the world we’ve found ourselves in. It strives for the same thing as all the other arts and sciences, religions and philosophies: understanding. Religion never quite cut it for me. Music, on the other hand, was a glimpse into the machinery. It was the looking glass and, if you squinted, you saw the very essential parts of life.

I studied this stuff in Denver,—jazz guitar techniques and singing—and found my improvisational mindset and creative philosophy there. But then I learned about groove and discovered that some of the best music ever made came out of Detroit in the 1960s and ‘70s. I used to play punk rock. I think I still have some snarl left over. But my main focus is getting a feeling to the audience. That unspoken conversation that stretches beyond classification, social group, economic strata, ethnic background, or nationality. No matter where you go, you’re gonna hear Bill Withers or Amy Winehouse or Chet Baker. And no matter your language, you're going to get down. I aspire to that.

I’ve had the good fortune and audacity to perform around the world now. Tokyo is where my heart is. Paris is a playground. But I’m Denver based and active in the city that raised me. You might see me singing classic jazz at a Ritz Carlton cocktail party. I may be fronting a band at a sold out show at Dazzle Jazz with some of Denver's finest. And you might even see me playing something funky and mean in a basement bar in Osaka. Variety is the spice.

Wherever you see me, I'm looking forward to sharing some music with you.